• Tough Mudder donates $50K to Friends of Liberty State Park

    Tough Mudder, the company behind the grueling obstacle course known by the same name, donated $50,000 to Friends of Liberty State Park today to benefit the park's activities and restorations.

  • How putting my body through HELL helped me fall more in love with it

    This weekend I took part in Tough Mudder: a 12 mile obstacle course where participants are covered in mud, plunged in to ice water, climbing over sheer walls, crawling through dark tunnels, dropped from a 10ft height into three metres of muddy water, carrying tyres, carrying logs, getting electrocuted and running up and down countless steep inclines.

  • Everyone knows it can be tough at the top, but this tough?

    Should tough guys — or even Tough Mudders — blub? And if so, should they share it with the world? It turns out that the answer is “yes”. Will Dean, for example, has embraced his new-mandom, despite building up the world’s largest obstacle course company and running very fast in an attempt to get back to a slower lane.


Run for Free, Run for Charity

Ever thought about running a Tough Mudder for free. We have some awesome members in our Charity Family who do amazing work for those in need. Find out how you can join their teams to take on Tough Mudder and fundraise for a great cause.

Train Tough

Get prepared to take on Probably the Toughest Event on the Planet. Shop our training gear.


Cry Baby

Remember: You can just tell everyone those are tears of joy. Get on all fours and try to grit through our homemade tear-enducing concoction without crawling into the fetal position.