What You Need If You Want To Level Up From 5K To Classic

Obstacle course events are a fun, challenging way of getting fit. Although not all obstacle course races require intense training, if you are serious about moving from a Tough Mudder 5K to a Tough Mudder Classic, then you will want to show up well-prepared on event day both physically and mentally.

Training is one of the most crucial parts to this preparation to level up from a 5K to a 10 mile Classic course. There are many factors to consider like mental strength, diet, mobility, speed, agility and proper training to be properly ready to hit the start line. When you finally assess your fitness level, it becomes easy for you to plan how you will achieve the next level. Let’s jump start your training, to advance & level up, if you are considering taking on the Tough Mudder Classic course.

Here are some Training Program Ideas. 

Endurance Training 

When planning out the endurance portion of your training program, it’s best to include both muscular endurance exercises and cardiovascular endurance exercises. 

Hill and Speedwork:

This will develop the explosive power needed to go up and down the peaks and valleys of a Tough Mudder course, unscathed.

1. Interval Run Workout

Obstacle events tend to take place in full-out-efforts or intervals, typically alternating between running and the obstacles themselves. Build your explosive power and stamina for the OCR by doing plenty of interval running workouts. Find a local High School track or long road you know isn’t a busy one to practice on.

2.  Hill Training 

This Increases both lungpower and lower body strength, and will make you a stronger, faster and a more efficient runner.

Therefore, whether you are doing short hill sprint, long hill repeats, or adding drills into your hill workouts, these are key to the training program. Many of the Tough Mudder courses are on beautiful rolling hills, so something else to consider when you are training.

3. Long Run Workout

To increase your lung capacity and endurance stamina, do at least one long run per week. Nonetheless, if you are not there yet, then aim to be comfortable running 10 miles without panting for breath before race day.

To make the most out of your long runs, make sure to run on trails for at least 90 minutes at an easy pace. Bring a friend along, the company always helps.

Compound Movements

Here are examples of some moves you need to do, to increase your explosive power. These multi-joint exercises will target lots of muscles:

1. Pushing exercises are a great wayto help balance out all the pulling. After all, OCR requires all muscle groups. Take something like Tough Mudder’s Berlin Wall, where climbing over and hoisting yourself up are imperative. After the back muscles pull your shoulders up just over the top of the wall, the chest and triceps push the rest of the body up to create leverage in bringing the legs up and over. Push ups are great to prepare for this. You are not limited to regular push-ups and you should vary your style of push-ups. You can do the standard straight up, straight down, hands shoulder width apart. You can also move your hands around during or between sets, use uneven surfaces, go side-to-side, and do them one-handed. Between two stable objects, athletes can perform dips to really help with the vertical aspect of getting up and over a wall like Berlin Wall.

2. Being able to hoist yourself up and hang on for a long time are featured components in probably every Tough Mudder obstacle. Perform pull-ups if you are able, as they will be more specific to what you will encounter on eventday. Use different types of grips with your hands, and grab onto different types of materials/objects in your local park, trail network or gym.

 3. Increase the intensity by incorporating different kinds of jumps. Using either a plyo box or some other sturdy, elevated surface, trysome depth jumps to improve explosive power. Alternatively, you can do broad jumps instead. The goal is to jump forward covering as much ground as you can. It will help to land in a squat position so that you do not stumble forward.

Most events are going to force your body to use muscles you didn’t know you had, and in ways you did not know how to use. That’s why you’ll also need to work on increasing strength in your stabilizing muscles.These are vital for keeping balance on slippery surfaces as well as sliding around in the mud.

Grip Strength is a must: 

For the grip strength, one of the most efficient exercises you can do is the kettlebell swings. However, the best way to level up grip strength is by either doing pull ups, or simply hanging from the bar. Monkey bars are another great tool to train grip strength.

This grip strength will help you get you over a steepwall and ensure you are able to grip or climb a rope with relative ease.

Bodyweight workouts:

Bodyweight Workouts boost total body strength using nothing but your bodyweight

Here is a workout to try:

10-15 military Push-ups

Bear Crawl 15-25 yards

10-15 Squats

8-10 Pull-ups

10-12 Burpees with a jump

20 Spider Lunges.

One Day a week a long Run

End of the Week an Easy Run

Remember to have fun.

In the end, that is what it is all about.  Sure, these OCR events are go-to venues for serious athletes looking to test their fitness. 

But if you take it too seriously, then you will be missing out on the best thing about Tough Mudder – the fun. So please, whatever you do, make sure that both training and your time tackling the Tough Mudder Classic course is fun. You will be rewarded for taking the time and effort to prepare yourself. As always, there will be Mudders by your side to help you through anything you might need a hand with.