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Redemption instructions

Started by Jason Bosse

When I bought my ticket off of Groupon, it asked me to go on the website and fill out redemption. Could anyone tell me what that is? Thank you!

Jun. 28 2
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Tougher Mudder

Started by DVaughtGIS

If you sign up for the Tougher Mudder competitive start wave do you receive your normal headband (yellow/pink/etc) or do you only receive the Tougher Mudder competitive head band at the end?

Jun. 28 1
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Drone filming

Started by richard-walker-14019

We are a team of 8 from England. Just completed the Las Vegas TM we are doing TM Ireland 2017. And many more to follow and was wondering if drones were allowed at the events.

Jun. 28 29
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TM Gear Page

Started by chris-liebelt

Can someone shed some light on the tough mudder gear site? It keeps asking for a "login" which doesn't work? Is there a secret code?

Jun. 27 90
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Need Help for Wisconsin 2016

Started by mjjar9

I am currently having an issue with my registration for the Wisconsin Tough Mudder 2016.

Jun. 27 102
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Started by Savanna Haulotte

I have tried to click through every link "waiver" I can find both through my emails and the website and an earlier discussion link... Not a single one work.

Jun. 27 56
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Mt. Snow - Ticket available for Saturday

Started by steven-peck

Hi Mudders! My brother can't make it to Mt. Snow on Saturday and is not able to transfer to another event.

Jun. 26 1
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Pit Crew...

Started by workinprogress

Help! I can't find any info on Pit Crew (except some stuff related to camping) What do they do? Two per Mudder correct? Do they have to pay? How do we register them?

Jun. 26 33
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Started by Leefraser4354

I done south west 16 August and was wondering off all pictured taken are available to look at. We had a few pictures taken by mudder photographers and would like a copy.

Jun. 24 21
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Drumlarigg 2018

Started by Pappy Tam


Jun. 23 1