2019 Obstacles Are Here

We’ve spent months planning, scheming, alpha testing, beta testing, and hiring our first-ever COT (Chief Obstacle Tester). Now, they’re finally here. Introducing your brand-new, better-than-ever, all-epic 2019 OBSTACLES. We’ve doubled down on innovation this season, bringing 10 new or updated obstacles to every single Tough Mudder Classic and 4 new obstacles to Tough Mudder 5K in 2019.


Want more juicy obstacle deets? Hang on tight—more obstacle content will be dropping soon, providing you the only game plan you’ll need to conquer every. Last. One.

  • 2019 Signature Feature: MUDDERHORN

    Included on Tough Mudder 5K Course

    Mudderhorn is the tallest obstacle ever seen on any Tough Mudder Challenge Series course. Use teamwork to reach the net, but don’t let the vertigo drag you back down. Victory’s at the top, and every Mudder’s invited.

  • 2019 Signature Feature: BLACK WIDOW

    Included on Tough Mudder 5K Course

    A series of 30’-long elevated tightropes suspended over water, this obstacle is all about staying sticky … like a spider web.

    Stick to the rope. Stick with your team. Stick to any Mudder who gets too close. Just don’t drag them down with you.

  • 2019 Signature Feature: THE GAUNTLET

    The Gauntlet is what happens when the mad minds at TMHQ get together and think, “What if we took our toughest obstacles...and linked them all together?”

    Clocking in at over 100’, this isn’t just the longest obstacle of the 2019 TMHQ season—it’s the longest obstacle we’ve built. Ever.

    The Gauntlet is our version of a greatest hits album -- four iconic sections, each testing something different. It’s where good Mudders find greatness and only the strongest will survive.

  • 2019 Update: AUGUSTUS GLOOP 2.0

    An all-time Mudder favorite, back, better and more badass than ever. How do you make this claustrophobic vertical climb extra-tough? Just add water. With high-pressure jets pouring in from every angle, it’s not just a race to the top—it’s a race against your own mind.

  • 2019 Update: LEAP OF FAITH

    Sometimes, overcoming an obstacle is all about faith.

    And you damn well gotta have faith (in yourself) if you’re going to conquer this badass obstacle (and stay dry in the process). Run, jump and commit to clearing a 6’ water-filled gap, then grab tight to the hanging rope net and don’t let go. You’re only halfway home.

  • 2019 New Obstacle: HYDROPHOBIA

    Conquering an obstacle is a lot like conquering your fears. And sometimes, the two come as part of the same package.

    Hydrophobia is an obstacle unlike any other. Test your courage - and hold your breath - as you crawl through a badass batch of claustrophobic, semi-submerged 20’-long culvert pipes.

  • 2019 New Obstacle: ENTRAPMENT

    You’ll need to harness your inner action hero if you plan on conquering Entrapment during the 2019 season with this low crawl through 30’ of ever-narrowing space. Dream big, Mudder, but stay grounded...if you fly too close to the sun, you might get burned zapped.

  • 2019 New Obstacle: TIGHT SQUEEZE

    Included on Tough Mudder 5K Course

    Slide to the left. Slide to the right. Take it back now, y’all.

    There’s only one formula for surviving Tight Squeeze and it’s - yep, you guessed it - to get small, then slide under and through. But it’s not easy. Because that means embracing the mud. Getting down and dirty. Digging deep.

  • 2019 New Obstacle: SPREAD EAGLE

    Get down to stay high. Got it?

    Spread Eagle isn’t an obstacle to take lightly. You’re gonna drop down on all fours and climb like your Mudder credentials depend on it. Because 30’ of quivering, quaking, non-stop shaking slackline isn’t gonna let you off easy.

    Core strength is key, but teamwork rules this obstacle. Lose your balance and you won’t just go down—you’ll take your fellow Mudders with you.

  • Texas Hold'em

    2019 New Obstacle: TEXAS HOLD’EM

    Included on Tough Mudder 5K Course

    This straight-shootin’ bad-news-tootin’ obstacle is all about teamwork—and balance.

    This see-sawing triangular platform wants you and your fellow Mudders off, and in a hurry. The only way to get across is to do-si-do it together. So grab a teammate and hold on tight—it’s time to do a little dance we like to call The Mudder Shuffle.

  • Level Up Lanes


    Test your Tough - or take it easy - with a range of difficulty options at select obstacles this season. Stay tuned for more details on which obstacles will have Level Up Lanes, dropping January 2019.

  • Electroshock Therapy

    2019 UPDATE: Electroshock Therapy

    It’s zap-tastic (and Mudder requested). Electroshock Therapy has been reinstated as the Tough Mudder Classic finisher obstacle. Shocking? You bet. Badass? Of course.



Ready to take on these 10 new and updated obstacles? Check out the most popular 2019 events in your area, and decide exactly where you’ll demolish your goals next season.