Well Swung

Jump high, hang low, and let it all swing out on Tough Mudder's take on the trapeze.

Participant preparing to jump and swing to the other side of Well Swung


Keep your eye on the prize and jump upwards.


Use your forward momentum to keep a nice even swing.


As ol’ Buzz Lightyear used to say.


A substantially deep body of water is waiting for you to drop into.

“There is nothing quite like the freedom of a good swing.”

The inside word
Deep dive into the details of Well Swung.
How To Conquer
Keep your eyes focused on where you need your hands to be. Jump out and up with purpose. Maintain your momentum, this is key, you don’t want to be flailing around in the breeze. Release and feel the freedom.
Obstacle Training Tips
Apart from putting in some mental reps to help in conquering your fear of heights the key to success at Well Swung is grip strength. You want to be able to hold yourself suspended with your arms above your head and allow for the transfer of momentum when you catch the bar mid-jump.
Obstacle FAQs
Q: How do you complete this obstacle?
A: The glorious ring of a Cow Bell.


Well Swung was a brand new obstacle in 2021. While it has close ties to the fan favorite King Of The Swingers it certainly is its own beast. A new take on the trapeze-like swing it was first dreamt up in 2019 as a more approachable way to get that swinging feeling. After testing in the desert and a few tweaks it is ready to hit the course this year. Are you ready?

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