Just as epic as the real thing.

Conquering Everest takes major grit and teamwork. Sprint up this quarter-pipe obstacle and enlist the help of other Mudders℠ to pull you over the beastly summit. Everest is coated in mud and grease, a combo that might send you right back from where you came. Suck it up and keep climbing. The view from the top is worth it.





September 27 & 28, 2014

Seattle, there will be mud.


Train Tough

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Obstacle History

Everest was originally called "Evel Knievel." The inspiration for the obstacle was to foster teamwork by making Mudders run up a slope so steep, they’d have to dive for their teammates’ hands at the end. The 2010 design featured a slick board strapped to a large stack of logs. Through 2011 and 2012, this design evolved into the massive slicked-up quarter-pipe ramp it is today.

Suggested Training

Slippery mountain climbers.
Bent Arm Pull-Up Hang (bring your chin over the bar): 15 seconds each. Do 4 rounds.
Pull-Ups (attempt to get your chest to the bar): Do 4 rounds of 6 reps.

Tough Mudder Tips

Get a running start.
Try getting up Everest yourself: sprint up the quarter-pipe, jump at the last minute and reach for the edge. Otherwise, call out to other Mudders to catch you as you run up the quarter-pipe and reach the top. If you have the strength and speed to make it up on your own, help out your fellow Mudders and stick around to pull a few of them up.


Volunteering at a Tough Mudder event isn't just about giving back — it's about pushing Mudders forward. With helping hands, words of encouragement and an attitude as positive as the day's atmosphere, volunteers ensure that no Mudder gets left behind.