Find Your Start Time

Start times are staggered based on availability. Depending on demand, you may not have been assigned the start wave you requested. If you haven’t received your start time one week before the event via email, please look up your start time here and bring a screen shot or printed copy with you to the event.

Find your start time by entering the email address used to purchase your tickets or your order ID.
TEAMS: If you did not create your team at least two weeks before the event (two Mondays prior), it is likely that you have not been assigned with your team. You are welcome to show up together, but be prepared to wait in our standby area until space becomes available. We are unable to accommodate requests for changes pre-event, so we’ll do our best to help you out on-site.

Visit our FAQs for additional information:
UK Start Time FAQs
North America Start Time FAQs