A 5K Like You’ve Never Experienced

Tough Mudder 5K is a chance to challenge yourself without the pressure or judgement of timings and competition. 13 teamwork-focused obstacles stand between you, your team and the glory of the finish line.

Upgrade Your Weekend fun run

Tough Mudder provides a unique social, fitness experience that gives people a platform to work together, challenge themselves and step out of their comfort zone.

Get Muddy

5 Kilometers of muddy-mayhem. Be ready to run, crawl, wade and paddle through each course featuring a combination of varied terrain dotted with obstacles – you’ll never be running too long without a break.

Epic Obstacles

13 of our world-famous, highest-rated, teamwork-centric obstacles will be waiting for you on every 5K course. Be ready to conqure names like Everest, Block Ness Monster and Mudderhorn.

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