The Vault's Been Hacked.
See What's Inside...

Until New 2018 Obstacles Revealed


The hackers are here. For years, Tough Mudder’s top-secret Obstacle Archives (housing blueprints for the World’s Best Obstacles of All Time) have been hidden away in a high-security data facility in the desert known only as The Vault. But our system has been infiltrated. We’ve been informed that, starting 11/9, the #MudderLeaks hacker - a former TMHQ insider - will assume control of all Tough Mudder channels and release newly decrypted files on our top secret obstacles, every other week until 1/11. On that day, all Vault archives -- and our all-new 2018 obstacles -- will be revealed.


Download the Vault Files

Starting today, the #MudderLeaks hacker will release newly decrypted files stolen from The Vault every other week. For the first time ever, YOU control what makes its way to the public, and what the course will look like. The obstacles hidden in The Vault will actually show up on courses across the world in 2018 as "Mystery Obstacles" - if you want them to. Download the files and then vote for your favorite, starting 1/11, to unlock the secrets of The Vault.

It’s up to you now, Mudder.

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