Pyramid Scheme

As the name suggests, it's all about forming a pyramid and lifting your fellow Mudders to glory. Even if you have superhuman strength and can make it up alone, resist the urge to take a running start to get yourself to the top - use teamwork instead. Try and boost up a couple of your teammates first, so they can lie down on top and pull others up the face. Or get to know your teammates better: climb their shoulders.





June 13 & 14, 2015

Virginia, there will be mud.


Train Tough

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Suggested Training

Air Squats: Do as many reps as possible for 20 seconds on, then take 10 seconds off. Repeat 8 times.
Pull-Ups: (with your hands close together, attempt to get your chest to the bar): Do 4 rounds of 10 reps.

Tough Mudder Tips

Decide whether you'll mostly be a puller or a booster. If you're going to pull other Mudders up Pyramid Scheme, ask a fellow Mudder if you can climb his or her shoulders to get to the top and pull people up. If you're going to boost people, wedge yourself in at the base and help others climb up the slippery face by boosting them up or letting them climb your shoulders. Either way, you're only getting to the top with teamwork.

Jan 14, 2015

First Time Mudder - Tips for Contact Wearers

I'm a first-time Mudder and I'm STOKED about the Central FL event in 2015. One concern I have - I wear contacts and definitely need them to see. What tips can y'all give me about how to handle the m