Funky Monkey

A set of gussied up monkey bars, designed to fling you into the water with reckless abandon.

A man holding on the bars of Funky Monkey to avoid falling in the water


Focus on getting a good start and a good grip.


Swing yourself. Feel the flow.


This is where things really get weird.


Do not mess it up at the end.

“It’s the Demon Monkey Bar from hell.”

The inside word
Deep dive into the details of Funky Monkey.
How To Conquer
On the way up, remember momentum is key. Once you reach the spinning wheels, you’re going to need grip and upper body strength to get across these.Take time with your transition, moving from the ladder to the first moving wheel is going to throw you so prepare yourself for the lurch and try to get two hands on the wheel.
Obstacle Training Tips
To no one’s suprise upper body strength is key for Funky Monkey. Shoulders, arms and grip strength will all play a crucial role in allowing you to avoid the drop in the drink. Go down to the park, get on the kids play equipment and practice.
Obstacle FAQs
Q: What makes these Monkey Bars Funky?
A: You will find out when you make it to the other side.


Funky Monkey is one of the original obstacles to grace Tough Mudder courses and has been a staple ever since. It has changed it’s makeup and tested Mudders in different ways throughout it’s exisitance but has always been one of the most challenging obstacles on course. 2017 saw the introduction of the spinning wheels with “The Revolution” and we havn’t looked back since.

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