Mud Mile

A puddle of mud is an inconvenience. A series of 10' deep, rolling mud mountains is a privilege.


You’ll need to grab a muddy hand to get through this one.


From knee to waist deep, these watery pits will be waiting.


So steep and so slippery. Almost impossible to scale alone.


You will be covered. Truly covered, in mud.

“The dirtiest experience my friends and I have had in years”

The inside word
Deep dive into the details of Mud Mile.
How To Conquer
It’s time to get dirty. Really dirty. Grab your friends and be ready to get utterly covered in the soft sloppy stuff. There is no alternative but to slip into the mud and work your way through. Grab hold of all those sloppy helping hands to haul yourself up and over mounds of mud.
Obstacle Training Tips
There is not much you can do in the gym to get prepped for an obstacle like this. Your training time is going to be much better served to convince a bunch of your friends to be right there alongside you, down and dirty, in the trenches.
Obstacle FAQs
Q: How dirty do you really get?
A: There will be mud in certain places for weeks…


Mud has been an integral part of Tough Mudder since the first event in 2010. From a simple, non-lined excavation, filled with cold water and straw, the experience developed and the focus shifted to real muddy mud. As it evolved it became more about its positive attributes – slides, awesome photos, helping hands, and outrageous fun reminiscent of childhood. With this aim in mind, Mud Mile evolved into what we see today.

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