Electric Eel

Hurts so good.

If Kiss of Mud and Electroshock Therapy had a bratty kid, it would be Electric Eel. Use your triceps to crawl through as fast as you can on your stomach and be sure to dodge the live wires or else you’ll find out what it feels like to get slapped in the face by a jellyfish.





September 27 & 28, 2014

Capital Region, there will be mud.


Train Tough

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Obstacle History

Originally, this obstacle was called Shocks on the Rocks, where we lowered Electroshock Therapy and put it over a bed of ice water like Arctic Enema. To keep Mudders' heads down, we dangled electric wires over them, and over time we kept lowering the wires until it was virtually impossible not to be shocked at least once or twice. When we removed the ice, we renamed the obstacle Electric Eel.

Suggested Training

Plank Holds (with elbows touching the floor): 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off. Do 8 rounds.
Calf raises (standing with your toes on a step): 10x on both feet, 10x on each foot, 10x on both feet)
Bent Arm Pull-Up Hang (bring your chin over the bar): 15 seconds each. Do 4 rounds.
Mountain Climbers: 15 on each leg. Do 4 rounds.

Tough Mudder Tips

Get low.
Like Kiss of Mud, you’re going to want to stay as low as you can. Agility and speed are key. Keep your eyes on the spaces between the yellow wires - those spaces are your safety zones. Once inside, crawl as fast as you can.


Volunteering at a Tough Mudder event isn't just about giving back — it's about pushing Mudders forward. With helping hands, words of encouragement and an attitude as positive as the day's atmosphere, volunteers ensure that no Mudder gets left behind.