Electric Eel

The shallow pool of water will do wonders for your conductivity as you crawl through a field of electrical wires.

Don’t freeze

Those wires aren’t going to get gentler, so hustle on through.

Get low (low, low)

Might we suggest a supple slither?

Feel the Power

Yes, those are actually 10,000 volts. Don’t worry, it’s pretty safe.

“I was crying tears of joy by the time I made it through”

The inside word
Deep dive into the details of Electric Eel.
How to Conquer
Get a good breath of fresh air before crawling in: the intensity of the smoke will multiply with each additional breath. Move quickly but deliberately in one direction, remembering that you likely won’t be able to see the other side for most of the crawl.


A clever Mudder once crawled below the wires on Electroshock Therapy, thinking they’d outsmarted us. Instead, they just gave us a really nasty idea.

Discover the obstacles